Electro Abrasives LLC crushes, sizes, processes, and packages both black and green Silicon Carbide to meet our customers' rigid specifications. Our powders are produced using our unique water classification system. These products, as well as Boron Carbide, Aluminas, Mullite, Spinel, Bauxite, and many ore are sold for use in numerous industries and applications from steel production to grinding wheels to cutting silicon wafers for the solar industry to producing body armor for our soldiers, and beyond. Our products are used in hundreds of applications worldwide!

Typical ABRASIVES applications for our silicon carbide, boron carbide* and aluminum oxides include vitrified and resinoid wheels, wiresaw for silicon wafers and quartz crystals, foam abrasives, polishing, lapping, blasting, compounds, tumbling media, and more. Sizes are made to ANSI, FEPA and JIS standards. (* Boron carbide is used in hones not grinding wheels)

Typical REFRACTORY applications include raw materials for use in fired refractory shapes, fine grained cements, castables, gunnables, ramming Mixes, etc..., molten metal filtration, high density ceramic shapes, blasting nozzles and wear resistant ceramics, armor plates, and more.

OTHER uses include metal matrix & resin composites, high temperature & epoxy paints, wear resistant coatings, brake pads, anti-corrosion for graphite electrodes, nuclear pellets, control rods, shielding (boron carbide), investment casting, inks, non-slip (anti-skid) surfaces, copy toner additive and MANY other uses.

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