Grupo Curimbaba The Curimbaba Group is a family-owned concern that operates in the industrial and transportation sectors. With its focus on mineral extraction and transformation activities, the company works mainly in the markets for abrasives, agrochemical products, ceramics, refractory mortar, bleaching of oil, solder for welding, friction, casting, chemical grade bauxite, treatment of surfaces, microgranules, floor paving, propellants, refractories and steelmaking.  Website 

Manufacturer of abrasive grains and powders & U.S. representative for Elfusa.  Website


Elfusa produces fused minerals for the ceramic, abrasive and refractory industries.  Website


Sublime produces Silicon Carbide using state of the art Acheson Electric furnaces.  Website

Manufactures products for petrochem, welding, jet-blasting, ceramics,  refractories, smelting and more.  Website


Manufacture polishing compounds and buffing wheels for use in surface finishing applications such as cutlery, automotive, and more.  Website


Produces thermo phosphate fertilizers for the Brazilian market.


Responsible for commercialization of the Curimbaba’s proppants in North America, Europe, Africa and Middle East.  Website

Taruma Located at the mining company site and it is specialized in environmental management and agribusiness for the Curimbaba Group.  Website
Espigao Located in the South East of Brazil it produces high quality coffee beans that are exported to several countries.

Located at the same site of the mining company, it supplies gravel and ecological sand for the local market.  Website


An inland freight company responsible to transport Elfusa and Mineração Curimbaba products in the Brazilian domestic market.  Website